Topical Pain Management

Four Corners Compounding is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in topical medication therapy. As a leading developer and provider of custom topical treatments for debilitating conditions, Four Corners Compounding is the answer for those who are not ideal candidates for commercial pharmaceuticals, oral medications, or surgery. Our compounding expert extensively study the effects of medications and delivery methods to create specialized formulations that target all types of pain and inflammation at the source.

Our topical formulations have extensive research and proven experience behind them. The ingredients and components that make up every formulation are specifically selected for their synergistic qualities and collaborative effect on specific pain pathways or treatment modalities. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, purchase only high quality ingredients and developed detailed processes to ensure our products are compounded consistently, and precisely to patient needs and limitations. Since every prescription is made for an individual patient, Four Corners Compounding can customize treatments and address any unique characteristics in each condition and circumstance. This carefully thought out process allows us to remain responsive to your preferences, as well as enables us to continuously investigate new findings and advancements in topical medication therapy.

Four Corners Compounding TOPICAL CREAMS

  • Minimize absorption into the blood stream
  • Direct delivery to targeted pain receptors
  • Block portions of the inflammatory cascade
  • Reduce organ toxicity
  • Produce fewer side effects
  • Reduce possibility of adverse drug interactions
  • Quickly provide measurable and identified results